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Here is a sampling of the Philadelphia Area Chapter's work.
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Any Chapter members who would like to contribute photographs for the gallery can e-mail them as attachments to or give a photograph to any board member. Please include a description of your work.

Wee Care Gown

Our Chapter makes these small gowns with smocking and donates them to Abington Memorial Hospital. They are given to babies who were stillborn or who died shortly after birth.

Oak Leaf and Acorn Sewing Boxes

EGA National supplied the instructions for these fall-themed Assissi Oak Leaf and accompanying Acorn sewing boxes. They were the project for our September, 2005, meeting.

Princess Lace

In April, 2005, visiting teacher Bobbi Chase led a Princess Lace workshop. Students created this lovely handkerchief corner, and many of them finished it in one day!

Sampling Monet's Giverny, 1 Sampling Monet's Giverny, 2 Sampling Monet's Giverny, 3 Sampling Monet's Giverny, 4

In April, 2004, our Chapter was pleased to offer a pilot class taught by Susan Goodman. "Sampling Monet's Giverny" used a variety of stitches on canvas, but most interestingly, the canvas used an iron-on photograph as background. Watch for this class at future EGA seminars!

Victorian Pin Cushion

This Victorian Pin Cushion was the focus of a workshop in November, 2003. Lynn Payette was the teacher, and she addressed our annual meeting as well.

Peyote Bracelet

Many members came to our February, 2004, meeting to make Peyote beaded bracelets. These bracelets were made by three different stitchers and you can see their marks of individuality in the colors and layouts. Beading is always a popular topic for our meetings!

Beaded Necklace Beaded Necklace

One of our members was specially certified to teach the Chapter how to assemble Linda Richmond's beaded necklace kits. These necklaces were created by Mother/Daughter members of the class in May, 2003.

Charmed Heart Charmed Heart

During 2003, EGA National sponsored a program to raise money for the American Heart Association. Members around the country stitched the "Charmed Heart", customizing colors and small sections of the design. To date, over $18,000 has been raised!

Spectrum Sampler Case

The spectrum and color theory was the inspiration for this project. The amount of each color exists in a proportion that balances with all the others. Most of the needlework was completed prior to a monthly meeting, and then we created the cording and assembled our projects. The final product is a case that can be used for a laying tool, ruler, or scissors.

Bullion Knot Rose

This rose was stitched during a seminar that taught us how to make bullion knots and pulled stitches.

Teneriffe Lace

During our May, 2001, meeting, two members taught the group how to make these Teneriffe Lace medallions. Each one measures approximately 2 inches in diameter. Using straight pins, pearl cotton, and a needle, one medallion takes 2-3 hours to make.

Hardanger Ornament

This hardanger ornament was the focus of the August and October, 2001, Chapter meetings. We learned Kloster blocks, needle weaving, eyelets, buttonhole edging, dove's eye and satin stitch motifs.

angel photo

In August and October, 2002, M. Hardie taught another hardanger ornament and encouraged members to use their own creativity to customize the stitches and colors.

crewel flowers photo

A two-day seminar was held in April, 2002, where members learned crewel techniques taught by Ann Booske.

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