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Bargello! (January and February 2024 meetings)

If you're like me (Liz), you were EXTREMELY excited to learn bargello. Patty taught us all how to make a frame weight/paper weight. She provided kits that contained canvas with the shape drawn on it and the chapter provided crewel yarn that everyone could pick from. January was picking thread colors and learning the actual stitch involved. We also went over how to compensate the pattern when you get the edges.

In February, we met at Diane's and Patty showed us all how to finish our frame weights. She provided the filling for those who wanted and we even put together a video in case you were unable to make the class.

It was a lot of fun and we look forward to our next chapter meeting!

The next meeting in March we will be finalizing preparations for the Spring MAR meeting and our 60th Anniversary Luncheon. Come stitch and chat and enjoy the company!

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