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June and July Monthly Recaps

The pandemic is still a thing so we continue to meet via Zoom. But we are definitely finding fun/creative ways to "get together" and work on new projects!

June's project was a Hapsburg scissor case lead by Diane. She sent out the instructions and kits prior to the meeting so we spent the Zoom call asking questions and working on the projects. It was a fairly simple project but not able to be completed in one night so everyone worked on it on their own time. Those not participating in this project worked on their own things and hung around for some chatting.

July's meeting was much the same just with a change of project. Gerty lead us in a "take home a project" ornament. She sent the instructions ahead of time so many people had already started. But we spent the meeting again asking questions and just having some nice time to chat and see each other.

The whole chapter has been spending their time working on many projects, so we'll look to put up some of their progress pictures or finishes over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, stay safe and keep stitchin'!

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