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Welcome to the newest feature for the Philadelphia Area Chapter of the Embroiderers' Guild of America - we're starting a blog! Going forward, we'll post recaps of our monthly meetings and other various activities the Chapter is participating in.

To get it started, though, I thought we'd recap some past events! Below is a gallery of photos from events we've had over the years.

Here's a short description of each photo from top to bottom, left to right.

1. Redwork pouches - This was our project for January 2020 and they were completed at the February stitch-in at Gerty's home.

2. Horses - Gerty created this piece for a fundraiser.

3. Felted pumpkins - Our July 2019 meeting featured a class by Jenne Dudrear on needle felting where the Chapter made pumpkins.

4. Needle book - February 2019 was a neat little book to hold all of your needles. The class was taught by Gerty from materials in an issue of Needle Arts magazine.

5-6. Swedish weaving - Just in time for Christmas, our August 2019 project was a Christmas bell ornament stitched using the Swedish weaving technique. The projects were then finished during the September meeting.

7. Sheep ditty bag - Our October 2019 project was a cute little ditty bag taught by Diane.

8-12. Jane Nicholas workshop - The first image shows the piece that was done and the rest are of the meeting where members worked with Jane to create it.

13. Antiques Roadshow - In March 2011, the PAC EGA held an "Antiques Roadshow" where members each brought in treasures that they owned and everyone shared what they brought.

As the March meeting is cancelled, we'll try to bring some more posts about things to do to keep yourself occupied during this strange time. If you have any ideas, feel free to submit them via the contact form!

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