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November 2023 Monthly Recap

November marks our chapter annual meeting. And due to Thanksgiving, it doesn't fall on the typical 4th Wednesday. We had our annual meeting this year at Gerty's house on the 4th.

Member Carol Hatton-Holmes was gracious enough to give a lecture on her work with ecclesiastical embroidery. She had a slideshow of project she had worked on previously and even brought her newest project. She assist with embroidery on various elements in the church as well as restoring old, deteriorating pieces.

Gerty's husband also graciously cooked and other members brought food for a potluck luncheon before the lecture. It was a nice day of sitting and chatting!

There was also a stash sale of members' supplies for everyone to dig through. So everyone came away having a nice afternoon!

Our next meeting is our Christmas party on December 9th (again not on the 4th Wednesday due to the holidays) and we continue to have our weekly Zoom meetings on Wednesday evenings! For more information, just fill out the contact form and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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